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INSPIRE - Plan Better, Live Better

Have you ever felt like you're constantly busy, but never actually getting anything done? Maybe you struggle to stay organized and prioritize your tasks effectively? It's something we're familiar with here at Arise Physical Therapy so we take steps to actively plan ahead. When you plan ahead, you can prioritize your tasks, set goals, and allocate your time more effectively. It has helped us to stay focused and motivated throughout the day, and ensures progress towards our long-term goals. Not only that, we've increased our productivity and most of all REDUCED UNNECESSARY STRESS. How you might ask? Well keep reading to find out!

"The goal Is progress, not perfection"

Monk Manual

We started using Monk Manual, which is a productivity planner and journal designed to help users live a more intentional and fulfilling life. It was created by Steve Lawson, a former monk who wanted to bring the monastic principles of simplicity, focus, and mindfulness to the modern world. We've realised it's more than just a planner, it's a complete system that helps us stay organized, set goals, and reflect on your progress.

The planner is divided into three sections: Monthly, Weekly, and Daily:

1) Monthly section - where we can set long-term goals and identify priorities for the month ahead.

2) Weekly section is where we plan out our schedule for the upcoming week.

3) Daily section is where we keep track of tasks, appointments, and daily habits.

"Vision without action is a daydream. Action, without vision is a nightmare"

Sounds like a planner to me

What sets Monk Manual apart from other planners is its focus on mindfulness and reflection. Each day, we're prompted to reflect on our thoughts, feelings, daily accomplishments and areas for improvement. This helps us stay mindful and present, and to track our progress over time. One of the greatest benefits we've found is the sense of clarity and focus it provides. By setting clear goals and priorities, breaking them down into manageable tasks, we stay focused on what's truly important.

"A moment of reflection is a moment of growth"

What do you think?

If you're interested in trying out Monk Manual for yourself, you can visit their website at The website offers a variety of products, including the planner itself, as well as digital downloads and guided journals. You can also learn more about Steve Lawson and his journey to creating Monk Manual.

Even if Monk Manual is not for you, we believe planning ahead is crucial for achieving success and reaching your goals. This could be as simple as planning your workouts and the time you go to the gym.

But don't worry about your next Physical Therapy appointment because we can help you there. We can organise a time that works for you, send you reminders of your appointment time and provide you a comprehensive plan of care that will get you back on the road to recovery. Call us today or better yet, book an appointment by CLICKING HERE .

We can't wait to see you!

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